From mountain to cup
From mountain to cup
From mountain to cup

The Roastery

Discover Hand Roasted Coffee

That exciting moment when grassy aromas hit you, as you open the first sack of our carefully-sourced green beans. We constantly monitor and control the atmosphere and keep consistency of our small batch roaster in check. Keeping eyes open on colour, form and smell as the coffee beans develop during a roasting process is one of the reasons our coffee looks so clean and feels so smooth in your cup! 

We love to diligently taste each roast, over a number of days, to hit the perfect flavour note before we deliver it to your office and home.

Roasting coffee is a complex process with infinite variables, but one thing is always the same: the relentless pursuit of quality is worth every stage. Bringing out the best of each coffee bean is as much about harnessing our senses. We put our all into it because we want to bring you results that will exceed your expectations.

You are welcome to navigate through our site to get a closer “Look and Feel” of our concept. It’s simple, clear and personalised.

The Roastery
John's Coffee Shop
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The Coffee Bar

Warm, cosy and delicious

John’s Coffee Roastery was founded in 2016 with a passion to serve exceptional artisan coffee. 

VERY SOON! Come October 2019, We are opening a Specialty Coffee Bar in an exciting and newly built Mall Of Tripla in Pasila’s new train station down town Helsinki. The building will bring all walks of life under the same roof. We are looking forward to bringing the best to the floor.

We carefully listen to our clients’ wishes, we have developed unique relationships over the years and we know our clients. We want to roast your coffee to your taste. We have changed and evolved through the years, but our passion has always remained the same.

We continue to roast all our coffee by hand and in small batches. We believe that the art of roasting is a life long process that is never truly mastered, and in order to bring you the best possible cup we are continuously evaluating our coffee to develop the perfect aroma, precise color, and exceptional taste.

Warm, Cozy and Delicious