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John's road to coffee

John started with a small coffee shop in 2016 in Punavuori. Originally, he used coffee from local roasters to understand the type of coffee that Finns enjoyed. After a year he invested in a small coffee roaster of his own. Then just two years later, with his volume increasing, he upgraded to a bigger, more advanced roaster machine.

After coffee has been roasted, it takes days to perfect. Hand roasted in precise conditions, monitoring colour, smell and form, to produce a coffee that looks clean and feels smooth in the cup.

Time and attention to detail are vital to bring out the quality, to make sure that you can taste the difference with every sip.

Best Sellers

This excellent coffee is from Kenya’s Kirinyaga, in Kyambu. The crop is grown at 1,600m above sea level.

100% Arabica coffee from southern Rwanda, near the Burundi border, in the Nyungwe natural forest. 

Guji is an area in Oromia, southern Ethiopia. And just like most Ethiopian coffee growing regions in general