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John's road to coffee

John started with a small coffee shop in 2016 in Punavuori. Originally, he used coffee from local roasters to understand the type of coffee that Finns enjoyed. After a year he invested in a small coffee roaster of his own. Then just two years later, with his volume increasing, he upgraded to a bigger, more advanced roaster machine.

After coffee has been roasted, it takes days to perfect. Hand roasted in precise conditions, monitoring colour, smell and form, to produce a coffee that looks clean and feels smooth in the cup.

Time and attention to detail are vital to bring out the quality, to make sure that you can taste the difference with every sip.

Our Coffee Store

John’s Coffee store is located in Mall of Tripla in Pasila, Helsinki. There you can enjoy hand roasted coffee and savour the difference that real craft brings.

“At our coffee shop you can also grab a bag of coffee to take home with you, or as a gift,” says John.

Most of the time, it’s John behind the counter. When you visit, take some time to talk coffee with him while he pulls you a delicious espresso.

Visit John’s Coffee store on the first floor of the Mall of Tripla -> in the Market Zoo area.

John's Coffee

Most of our coffee comes from African producers. It’s important to John because he knows not only the quality of beans produced in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi and elsewhere – but he knows the people, their farms and conditions under which they operate daily. The dedication of these hard-working farmers is what makes the difference.

Take time to navigate through our products section to see our roasts. If you like your coffee dark, medium or light you will be sure to find a coffee that suits you.

We roast once a week and deliver  to our B2B clients (cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices) on monthly subscriptions.

Who is John?

Originally from Rwanda, John moved to Finland over a decade ago, and he is proud to call both countries home. After his education, he wanted to do something to celebrate both his homelands, to bring them together, so he followed his passion -> coffee.

After all, Rwanda has great producers of coffee; Finland has great drinkers of coffee.


John set out to bring Finland and Rwanda closer together, and the heart of that is sharing stories. Sharing his story with coffee lovers. Sharing the stories of the farmers and producers with the consumers. And sharing with those farmers the story of how their coffee is received.

We want the farmers to hear stories of where their coffee ends up and how it’s appreciated. We want to work closely with coffee producers and coffee consumers to create a sustainable business environment for everyone involved.


Our vision is to become the leading roasters of specialty coffee with the largest African coffee selection in Finland. To roast and present hand-crafted coffee to the people who consume the most coffee in the world per capita.


John has built his business on three core values:

  • Honesty. We are who we are. We bring quality coffee without gimmicks, just hard work and passion.
  • Professionalism. We are dedicated to our craft and take what we do seriously. We listen to our customers.
  • Respect. We understand the hard life of coffee farmers and will get them fair prices to support their families. We respect our customers and are dedicated to bringing them the best specialty coffee.

John believes that “The learning stops when you stop listening”