From mainstrean to specialty coffee.

If you run a restaurant, a cafe or you want to serve great coffee to your hotels visitors, we help you plan a tailor-made subscription to add specialty coffee to your delicious meals for your customers.

The final note of a good meal should never be bad coffee. It’s the last thing your customers taste and can compromise even the finest meal, spoiling your customer’s overall experience. Let’s avoid that together and bring your customers the perfect end-note to a memorable meal.



Don’t allow bad coffee to find its way to your office!

John’s Coffee is dedicated to breaking the habit of bad coffee at work. Together, we will establish a delivery routine that will best suit your consumption. Motivate your team and colleagues with great coffee. Stepping up the quality of coffee at work can make for a happier team.


Affordable prices, no delivery stress, and with professional training to teach your team how to brew your coffee to make the best cup. We support you in every way and present you with the right ratios and recipes – you will be surprised by how small changes affect the taste result of your coffee.

Give your team the chance to drink a cup of smooth, clean and fresh roasted coffee. You can also arrange a tasting time with your team at our roastery and get a chance to witness our roasting routine.

Contact us for a custom plan that suits you and we’re good to go.