What makes specialty coffee so important?

Here in Finland, we are fortunate to live in a world of choice and convenience. If you want a cup of coffee, it will generally be easy to find one. Supermarket shelves overflow with options. Sometimes it feels like there’s a café on every corner, ready to serve you a hot brown drink that could, […]

Top five things I learned as a novice barista

Last month, I gave you my novice view of the wonderful world of coffee tasting (check this post). The only possible next step was to better understand the noble calling of the barista. Thanks to John, and the other awesome staff at his store, I got my chance. If you visited the store recently, you […]

Surprising Things About Decaffeinated Coffee

There’s nothing like a coffee buzz, but if the last few years have left your nerves sufficiently jangled, a nice cup of decaf might be downright appealing. Still not jazzed about decaf? Let’s have a quickfire round of Know Your Decaf. 1 It Tastes Great Let’s be honest, this hasn’t always been true. It used […]

A novice’s view of coffee tasting

John knows coffee. That shouldn’t be a surprise, his name is on the masthead after all. He has been a barista, roaster, importer, he knows the coffee fields of Rwanda. Make no mistake, he is an expert. I, on the other hand, enjoy the stories around coffee. It is my hot beverage of choice. But […]

Inside John’s Selection – Women’s Coffee

Rwanda is an important part of John’s story, and of our philosophy here at John’s Coffee. Previously, we talked about coffee farming in Rwanda (full article here) and mentioned the rise of women owning and running coffee farms. Real world… In recent years, not every news story from that region of the world has been […]

Inside John’s Selection – Burundi Coffee

The last time we had a look at John’s coffee selection we talked about Rwanda and its history with coffee production. Now we turn our attention to the south to look at our latest source of coffee beans: Burundi. Burundi is not a name you’ll see a lot about on the normal coffee websites; it […]

COVID-19 And The New Normal

It has been a strange year. But daily life here in Helsinki is stumbling back to something like normality. Whether it is because of swift action by the government, general Finnish sisu or a natural inclination towards social distancing, things in Finland are recovering. Even now, though, we all encounter unexpected changes in the way […]

Coffee in the time of Corona

It is the story which is everywhere right now. We at John’s Coffee do not want to dwell on the bad news, but it is important that we take a moment to look at how the global pandemic is affecting the coffee supply chain. I have included links to some of the articles I used […]

Inside John’s Selection: Rwandan Coffee

John Ntaganda

Here at John’s Coffee we want to understand where our coffee comes from. Using Rwandan coffee was a natural choice – John was born in Rwanda, and knows the environment, conditions and context of coffee farming in the country. To appreciate the state of coffee production in modern Rwanda, we must acknowledge its links to […]

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