Inside John’s Selection: Colombia Espresso

While a lot of the coffee here at John’s Coffee is sourced from African beans, today we turn our attention to one of the exceptions. Unsurprisingly, our Colombia Espresso beans come from Colombia. More surprisingly, perhaps, while it does make excellent espresso, it is also wonderful pour-over coffee. It’s a medium roast, though on the […]

Top five things I learned as a novice barista

Last month, I gave you my novice view of the wonderful world of coffee tasting (check this post). The only possible next step was to better understand the noble calling of the barista. Thanks to John, and the other awesome staff at his store, I got my chance. If you visited the store recently, you […]

Inside John’s Selection – Women’s Coffee

Rwanda is an important part of John’s story, and of our philosophy here at John’s Coffee. Previously, we talked about coffee farming in Rwanda (full article here) and mentioned the rise of women owning and running coffee farms. Real world… In recent years, not every news story from that region of the world has been […]

COVID-19 And The New Normal

It has been a strange year. But daily life here in Helsinki is stumbling back to something like normality. Whether it is because of swift action by the government, general Finnish sisu or a natural inclination towards social distancing, things in Finland are recovering. Even now, though, we all encounter unexpected changes in the way […]

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