Coffee in the time of Corona

It is the story which is everywhere right now. We at John’s Coffee do not want to dwell on the bad news, but it is important that we take a moment to look at how the global pandemic is affecting the coffee supply chain.

I have included links to some of the articles I used to write this blog, if you wish to read more for yourself.

In our last blog post we looked at coffee farming in Rwanda. The good news is that, at time of writing, there have been no reported deaths from the Corona virus in Rwanda. Lessons learned from earlier illnesses in the region have prepared Rwanda well to combat Corona, and their lockdown has been effective. Of course, this does have an impact on the day-to-day activity of coffee production, and other local industries.

Global coffee prices are in a state of flux with large markets for coffee – like the big coffee chains – having to close their doors. This will have long term effects on the industry that will extend beyond the crisis itself.

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It is important to note that the physical  shipping of coffee is generally safe. While it is possible for the virus to survive on surfaces for short periods, the primary way the virus spreads is through human to human contact. Effective hand hygiene will minimise any risk associated with touching packaging. That said, the longer Finland’s restriction on imports continue, the more we in Finland will feel the effect on the availability of imported fruits and coffee.

One of the most obvious ways that Corona has affected coffee is the closing of the coffee shops. This will put the jobs of coffee baristas at risk. Here at John’s Coffee we are doing what we can to help. You can still buy coffee from us on the website — we can send you your favourite blends to enjoy at home during the lockdown (or to your work, if you still need to be in the office).

We hope to see you back at the shop, once all this is over. Our baristas miss you as much as you miss going out for a coffee! In the meantime, stay safe, wash your hands, have a cup of coffee at home. We will see you soon!

John’s thoughts on the impact of coronavirus from a roaster’s point of view.

John’s Coffee

Even though COVID-19 has forced businesses to close, we see it as a measure to combat the virus and reach the sense of normality as soon as possible. It isn’t easy. Our major subscriptions have stopped moving – offices, cafes and restaurants orders have stopped. This has caused a major drop in revenues. No one knows how long this will take but we actively follow instructions given by authorities. Together with your continued support we will get through this. We still have our online sales that go through our website. This has kept us going so far.

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