Friends with Coffee

February 14th. Valentine’s Day. Around most of the world, it’s a day of romance and love. In teen dramas on TV, it’s a great opportunity for mystery admirer plots, or in sitcoms, stories about hapless husbands forgetting cards or gifts for their wife. It’s a little tired, a little tropey, but it’s familiar and fun. And it’s all in the spirit of the day.

We love a bit of romance here at John’s Coffee. After all, how many love stories start with, “Would you like to go for a coffee sometime?” How often do lovers linger over the coffee at the end of a special dinner, not wanting the date to end? “Do you want to come in… for coffee?”

But there are some who say the message of Valentine’s Day is a little difficult. It can be a lonely day if you’re single, an expensive day if you’re not. In most of the world.

Here in Finland, we take a different, and some would say better, approach. Here, Valentine’s Day is ystävänpäivä – Friend’s Day. There’s no need to buy chocolates and teddy bears, heart-bedecked cards exist but aren’t important. It’s a day to celebrate friends, not lovers, and everyone gets to celebrate in their own way.

And if coffee and romance go together, coffee and friends are perfect partners.

  • Take a coffee break with a friend at work and enjoy a shared success.
  • Enjoy a coffee with your mum and catch up with the family news.
  • Need a breather from an intense shopping spree with a friend? (Perhaps in the Mall of Tripla, the largest shopping centre in the Nordics and home of John’s Coffee!) Grab an espresso to re-energise before further abusing your credit card.
  • Meet up before the movie and argue about whether it’ll be good or great.
  • Gather your gang and complain about the referee’s decision in that ice hockey match.
  • Celebrate a new job, a new promotion, plan a trip, or simply sit and dream together.
  • Make a new friend, network over coffee to discuss opportunities to work together.
  • Come in from the cold, knock the snow off your boots (if we get any proper snow this year) and have a coffee together to warm up.
  • And hey, it’s still okay to ask that special someone if they want to go for coffee sometime. Whatever friendship you want to celebrate, coffee is great for creating moments. Make no mistake, it’s the friendship that makes it special, but don’t waste those special moments on bad coffee.

So, on this ystävänpäivä, catch up with a friend over coffee. We here at John’s Coffee humbly suggest, do yourself and your friend a favour, and make it good coffee.

John Says…

“Nothing creates great moments than one shared over a good cup of coffee in a warm atmosphere – All you need is to give us a visit and we do the rest!”

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