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Rwanda is an important part of John’s story, and of our philosophy here at John’s Coffee. Previously, we talked about coffee farming in Rwanda (full article here) and mentioned the rise of women owning and running coffee farms.

Real world…

In recent years, not every news story from that region of the world has been positive. It’s important not to ignore that, but it’s also important to take the opportunities to celebrate the success stories too.

Coffee is a force for change in modern Rwanda. As one of the country’s main exports, coffee brings in a lot of money. When farmers are offered a fair price for their crop it helps Rwanda’s 400,000 coffee farms grow, adapt and change. These changes affect all aspects of the industry, from the way coffee is grown, harvested and processed, to the way farms and washing stations are owned and managed.

While coffee farming remains largely male-dominated, there is movement towards gender equality.

This began as a response to the historical troubles in Rwanda. Women of different ethnic groups came together to find a peaceful collaborative way to lift their families out of poverty. The movement started small but is now large enough that several washing stations focus on providing their services to farms owned and run by women. Associations and cooperatives now make sure that women’s voices are heard across the industry.

Changes in the law have made it easier for women to own and control their own farms. Programmes run by both the Rwandan government and private companies provide women new opportunities and education. This includes training in financial matters, agricultural management, and farming techniques. The results speak for themselves: women are a significant and successful contributor to the Rwandan coffee farming industry.

…Real Coffee.

However, it is not just a worthy cause. The coffee produced by these women-run farms is truly excellent. Choosing coffee from these producers not only supports a real path to equality, it also means you get a superior cup of coffee.

Truly, it’s a win-win situation.

Here at John’s Coffee, we wholeheartedly support this development. And we’re delighted to offer you a chance to support it too. Our Women’s Coffee is not coffee for women, but coffee by women.

When we looked to get involved, we were able to select two different farms, one from the volcanic region to the north of Rwanda, and another farm from the East. Both produce quality beans, and diversifying means we can keep the coffee flowing.

We can attest it can (and will!) be enjoyed by men and women alike, with flavour notes of black tea, caramel and lemon.

Try it today, you will not only be supporting gender equality in Rwanda, but you will also be treating yourself to a fine cup of coffee.

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