Better coffee for workplaces

You can’t live with it and you can’t live without office coffee.

Even more crucial to workday life is a good cup of coffee. Office coffee is a worthwhile investment since it fosters relationships and improves productivity.

As a johns Coffice customer, you always get to taste delicious, freshly brewed coffee.

Johns Coffice offers options for different needs:

1. Do you need a new coffee maker, grinder, kettle, or bag of coffee? We offer everything you need in a single location.

2. Would you be interested in filter coffees and milk coffee beverages with espresso as the base? Both can be sent to different offices.

3. Would you prefer a coffee shop atmosphere at work? With the best equipment, we can implement Coffice-branded or lightweight solutions. The primary focus, though, always remains coffee.


If you’re still unclear, we provide a sampling event called a “cupping” for nothing! You can select the ideal office coffee this method, along with your coworkers. Don’t worry; you can schedule a tasting without making a purchase.

We come by frequently to check on the quality and keep the equipment up to par with the contract. We can be certain that the coffee will continue to be of the highest quality in this way.

More responsible office coffee

In Finland, we’re always striving towards a coffee culture that is more moral and environmentally friendly. On our website, we always list the costs of our raw coffees, and we talk openly about accountability. We provide customers in the capital area with the option to purchase coffee in Johns coffee barrels, which have a carbon footprint ten times lower than recyclable coffee bags. See if your values align with ours by reading more about Johns duty here.

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