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12,50 39,00 

Flavor: Blackcurrant, Chocolate orange, Lime.

11,90 37,00 

Flavor: Apple, Dark chocolate, White peach, Green grape.

12,00 39,50 

Flavor: Dark chocolate, Strawberry, Citrus sinensis.

13,50 39,50 

Flavor: Black tea, Caramel, Lemon.

12,90 39,50 

Flavor: Dark chocolate, Strawberry, Apple, Hazelnut, Lemon. A good espresso lingers. It is sweet, smooth, with desired complexity and it is well balanced.

12,90 39,90 

Flavor: Blood orange, Dark chocolate, Strawberry.

12,50 39,00 

Flavor: Apple, Milk chocolate, Hazelnut, Lemon.

12,90 39,50 

Flavor: Dark chocolate, Lime, Rasberries.

13,00 39,90 

Flavor: Citrus fruit, Dark chocolate, Strawberry.