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New to John’s Coffee: Tea! Our tea is sourced through direct trade, meaning we work directly with the producers, ensuring that the maximum share of the price you pay goes to the people working the fields. We strongly believe that collaborating with our tea producers this way builds stronger relationships, raises quality of life for the producers and ensures the best quality tea in your cup.

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Flavor: Fresh, grassy taste with a mild maltiness.

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4,90 8,90 

Flavor: Stonger, with some acidity and mild maltiness.

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Tea Facts!
  • Green and Black tea come from the same plants. It’s the processing that changes the look and taste of the tea.
  • Green tea has a milder, greener taste while black tea is stronger and more acidic.
  • If you’re looking for tea high in antioxidants green tea has more. Black tea contains more caffeine.
  • Our teas are both Broken Orange Pekoe teas. It’s a confusing name, as no oranges are involved (it’s probably a reference to the Dutch being responsible for introducing the tea to Europe).