Our approach to quality coffee is simple: we choose the best beans from trusted sources to bring you a quality selection.

John started his coffee endeavour with only Rwandan coffee in mind, but later expanded to include other African coffee producers such as: Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda. John’s background gives him a better understanding of these neighbouring coffee producers. All of these coffees behave differently during roasting and after – which is why we don’t roast them the same way.

Take a dive into our coffee selection and see how each coffee is described and what makes it unique.

Taking time to relax and sip on a cup of coffee can be a favourite part of the day. In fact, some may say the actual brewing of coffee can be more fun. Even so, you can make the brewing process even more efficient and lively by using one or more of these nifty accessories. For instance, a hand brew of our light roast of Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi selections will feel like drinking juice made out of coffee.

Take a look through our range of brewing accessories to help you step up your coffee game!