Our Training

Home Barista

We arrange trainings regularly at the roastery in Kirkkonummi.

We will introduce you to the world of coffee from farming, picking, processing, and roasting all the way to the cup. We take a close look at green coffee, roast it together, taste it and talk about its flavours.

We also teach you how to pull perfect espresso shots, teach you how to steam milk and introduce you to that latte art you see baristas pull off at cafes. We will help you make the most from your espresso machine at home. We make sure you get to use it with a professional touch.


Brewing Recipes

We help our customers get hands-on skills to brew their coffee right. It’s important to keep ratios consistent to ensure quality and maintain those flavours in your coffee.

Have you ever tasted your coffee brewed with an aeropress, chemex or a hario V60?

Book time and visit us with your friends or colleagues and let’s have a hand brewing session at the roastery in Kirkkonummi.


Coffee tasting

Coffee tasting – also known as Cupping is a practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. Just like wine, a professional coffee grader can judge coffee by defined parameters like aromas, acidity and the aftertaste.

According to John, coffee always carries characters of its origin with it – and the farmers that grow it. Cupping is an amazing way to prove it.


We will introduce you to the world of coffee from farming