Travel with Your Coffee Routine

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It’s festive season and that time of the year where you have planned a holiday or time off from work to enjoy the season with loved ones. Don’t let go of your quality cup of coffee routine. Maybe you have planned to spend this festive season at your summer house or you would like to have a road trip.

Either way, we have planned an option for you to ensure you travel with your quality coffee. It’s easy, fast and very friendly to use. It’s very important that you stay caffeinated and don’t lose your coffee routine without carrying all your kitchen coffee makers with you.

There are different methods you can apply to ensure your cup of coffee is as clean and smooth as always while away from home. All you need is one of our perfect roasts of single origins from our selection such as; Simba Special, Rwandan Bourbon or our organic Guji from Ethiopia.

Let’s start with an Aeropress!

Very easy to use. The design itself fits well in your briefcase, cargo pant pockets or even a small carry-on bag –
and doesn’t take much space. The only extra item you will need is a boiler or a kettle will do the job. Guess what, even saucepan will help you brew your delicious coffee. In addition to this slim design you will need our ground coffee or a small grinder if you have one to ensure freshness. Remember to pack some aeropress paper filters and you’re all set!

Let’s walk you through our recommended recipe to brew a perfect Aeropress.

1. 16g of coffee beans and grind medium-fine.

2. Insert a paper filter into the basket then carefully pour boiled water over the basket/filter paper.

3. Heat your mug and rinse the brew chamber as well.

4. Pop the filter back onto the chamber and put it on top of your mug. Add coffee grounds.

5. Start filling water until it reaches all the way up to the top (about 250g)

6. Stir. Then place plunger on top but don’t push down just yet. After 1 min 15 stir grounds again. Then push all the way down. Drink and enjoy!

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