Valley Green Tea 250 g



A steamed green tea, lovely to smell with a taste mildly astringent, but smooth. Grown at an elevation between 1700m and 2000m, the leaf is hand-picked and harvested only in the mornings. Similar to Orthodox tea, this green tea is rolled in traditional tea rollers using specially selected and seasoned timber tables and battens. 250 grams.

Green tea contains many antioxidants and flavonoids. They are beneficial as they help to reduce heart diseases. You can consume genuine green tea from mall of Tripla. It contains best green coffee which will provide you many benefits. It also helps to lose weight, manage diabetes, fight cancer and improve skin.  It is a hot beverage where leaves are hand-picked. John’s coffee provides the best and genuine green tea. Shop green tea now to enjoy the tasty and healthy tea.
Weight 0.25 kg